hello world!

I am sure most people have heard the expression ‘begin with the end in mind,’ when it comes to setting goals. The basic premise behind this is that you don’t need to know exactly HOW you’re going to get where you’re going, you just need to know WHERE you’re going. I struggle with this due my extreme need for perfection. I like details, having a plan, and following that plan which puts me at a disadvantage. Because I crave order, I can’t get anything done until I feel organized (and I’m never organized enough). My greatest measure of success tends to be the finished product, not the path it took to get there.

This is a big period of transition for me. In addition to being in newlywed bliss, I also just completed my MA in Art Therapy. Sadly, the job search has been relatively uneventful, but I can’t help wondering if this might be a push from the universe to explore greater possibilities. I have known my big vision (featured above) even prior to beginning grad school. I want to own a brick and mortar space that offers yoga and art therapy catering to women’s personal health and wellness. The space would also have a small boutique filled with local, handmade goodies.

My biggest obstacle right now is that I have absolutely no idea how to get there. I feel a bit like the girl on the left side of the page – a young girl playing dress-up in clothes that are way too big for her! In my personal effort to ‘begin with the end in mind,’ I am embarking upon my baby step journey from student to professional. Inspired by Lisa Sonora Beam, I too have decided to create my own blank slate – this blog. I have no name, no theme, no color scheme, or layout (yet!). This is the first step and I am excited to see what happens. It could be about my journey to landing my first job or perhaps (and I am secretly hoping) the roadmap to launching my big vision. Regardless, it will document my baby step process. Keep checking back to see what happens….


2 thoughts on “hello world!

  1. Auntie L

    Love your beautifully imperfect self. Possibly take this gift of time to read Brene Brown`s `The Gifts of Imperfection“. Quite an inspiring read and I recommend it to the world. It is my personal belief that it is not about the end but rather the journey. My `Words of Wisdom 35“ for yesterday says “The future is that time when you`ll wish you`d done what you aren`t doing now.“
    I have learned, much older than you are, that life is about the journey and if we are grateful for those wonderful things we have it is difficult to be frustrated about what we don`t have or about what isn`t going our way. The universe is unfolding as is supposed to,not necessarily how we think it`s supposed to
    It is my very strong belief (and I have a lot of back up for this one) that we are not always given what we want but we always receive what we need. No matter what trials I have had to face this extremely eventful month of November and as part of my life in general, I grow, learn, love and carry on because I still have lots to learn, give and love. Plus I need to grow up eventually.

    Peace & Love


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