Relearning Self-Compassion through Gratitude

Admittedly, I have felt a bit of resistance to write my second post because their hasn’t been a lot of movement in my life over the past few days (both figuratively and literally). I’ve been feeling tired, worn out, and just generally exhausted this week. Jumping from a very demanding graduate school program to planning a large wedding has certainly taken its toll on my body. Now with nothing but the holiday season on the horizon (and this seems tame compared to the year I’ve had) my body is informing me that it’s taking a break, whether I like it or not.

Being an on-the-go girl, it is hard to not feel frustrated with my body. Right now, I am probably doing 50% (or less) of what I used to get done in a day. It seems that the universe is pushing me toward relearning the art of self-compassion. I am never going to be able to apply for every therapy job posted. My house doesn’t always need to be spotless. And, sometimes my self-imposed deadlines are unrealistic. In her comment on my previous post, my wise Auntie imparted some very profound words of wisdom on me. “We are not always given what we want, but always receive what we need.” Perhaps this time of transition is also about focusing on myself, instead of solely on my career.

To move past my frustrations, I have been trying to acknowledge what I am grateful for and have even been flirting with the idea of keeping a visual gratitude journal. The above image (and it’s not perfect!) was created today at a Positive Psychology and Art Therapy Workshop for professionals. We were asked to think of one thing we were grateful for and create an image to represent it. The image reflects my gratitude for the part-time faculty position I hold teaching Stress Management at George Washington University. A position I would not have without my Masters degree. While my students challenge me, they also teach me and I am so grateful to be able to share my skills and knowledge with them. Feeling a little down or frustrated? Consider what gifts you might have to be grateful for? I’d be honored if you shared your feelings of gratitude in the comment section below.


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