Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been flirting with the idea of starting a visual gratitude journal. Tonight I finally took the plunge. This morning I attended a meeting with the other stress management instructors in GWU’s Exercise Science Department to establish greater consistency between the different sections of the course. I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with these like-minded individuals, in addition to having a supportive supervisor (she organized the meeting) who constantly encourages us to try new things, make mistakes, and grow. A great environment for working on my need for perfection!

I created the above image in my visual gratitude journal. I could talk about my process of creating, but would rather talk about what came out of my process. When I sat down to create, I noticed that I felt a lot of warmth around my heart – that feeling of gratitude for my growing professional network. As the image emerged, I was surprised by the amount of empty space there was around the people. While I am grateful for the people already in my life, I realize that this is also an area where I want to grow. Sometimes I struggle with reaching out, connecting, and sharing ideas on a professional level. I get nervous that they may seem silly. That if by somehow sharing them, I am going to taint my professional name. So much of the time I try things on my own and if they don’t work out than no one is any the wiser. I haven’t failed (or at least no knows).

But this is so restricting! Without sharing my ideas with others, they can’t be further developed, critiqued, and launched out into the world. Keeping them to myself stifles them. And, in order to create really great things we NEED the support of others to reach our goals. This means stepping out of our comfort zones. To build the business I one day intend to, having a strong professional network would be essential. Creating this blog is definitely a start since blogging reaches a wide audience, but I think a great next step would be to brainstorm how else I might be able to reach outside and connect with local yoga instructors, studio owners, art therapists, and wellness practitioners. It sounds like I have my work cut out for me! All this from one image…


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