hibernation…not just for bears?

Thought I’d share another image from gratitude journal this evening. I have always had a love-hate relationship with winter. Really not a fan of the cold weather, but I do love the way that winter forces me to slow down. Because I dislike the cold, the cooler temperatures tend to keep me indoors (unless of course DC gets hit with a snowstorm, then all bets are off). Although life has been a bit hectic due to the ‘holly-days’, I can feel winter beginning to settle in. And if I’m honest, this year I am savoring every moment of it. And technically, it’s not even here yet!

With the major milestones I’ve reached this year, my body, mind, and spirit are in desperate need of a break. My body is definitely in the process of aligning itself to winter. This week, I have been enjoying slower and shorter days, more time for creativity, and spending time curling up with le husband. My little igloo represents this hibernation that allows me more time for me and the gratitude I feel for this. Here’s to a season of slowing down, sipping onhot chocolate, ice skating, mittens, and maybe even a little snow…


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