visually creating 2012: goal setting part 1

Today’s post is the first of a three-part series on goal setting to help you make 2012 the best year yet! This series will post every other day this week with my own goals and visions sprinkled in between to help clarify each step. All of you right- brain creative types should find this first step fun and exciting! This year I scrapped the traditional vision board. Why, you ask..? While I love making them, I don’t really have the space to store something that big in my apartment. Sadly, by March my 2011 vision board had disappeared into a closet or under a bed somewhere. In 2010, my vision board got lost somewhere when I moved. This completely defeats the point of creating a vision board in the first place. The purpose of a vision board is to serve as a visual reminder of your goals all year long. Instead of the standard vision board, this year I created a mini journal of my 2012 vision. Because one of my goals is to cut back on my spending, rather than purchase a small journal I used an old Anthropologie catalogue as book and either pasted my own images over the pictures in the magazine or somehow integrated the images already on the catalogue pages with my own. I’ll admit the process took a little longer and was a little messier, much to my husband’s dislike. One evening last week when I was working on my mini journal in bed, my husband walked into our bedroom. “I’m visually creating my 2012 goals.” I proclaimed. He took one look at the bed completely covered with magazine images and said, “Oh my God!” ¬†before taking refuge in the living room with a video game.

How to Create Your 2012 Vision

Materials: Old magazines for collage, glue stick, any embellishments if desired (sequins, buttons, paint, fancy paper etc.), and a surface to display images – this has to do with personal preference, but ideally this is someplace or something that will accessible to you all year long. Use your imagination and think outside the box! Create a mini book, use a cork board, the refrigerator, canvas, or a plain ol’ piece of heavy cardstock

Set aside at least one hour to shift through magazines. Begin just by looking for images that appeal to you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how they tie into specific goals that you may have in mind. Just trust in the process. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to use every image you tear out. After you feel content with the images you’ve collected arrange them on whatever surface you’ve chosen to display them on.

You may want to consider arranging your goals according to theme. For example grouping all images related to finances together if that seems to be a big theme for you (it certainly is for me!) Maybe you only have one image to represent each goal, so you want to sprinkle them randomly. Once you’re happy with the arrangement glue the images, solidifying your vision. Don’t worry if you’re not totally clear on your goals for 2012. Wednesday’s post will help with making our 2012 goals specific. The final and probably most important part of this process is to just have fun! Remember this is your life you’re creating…




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