action steps & accountability: goal setting part 3

The final step toward achieving your goals is action and accountability. This is the fun part where you get to do the work and make your dream a reality! As I stumble through my transition, I am still trying to figure out what exactly “doing the work” means to me. I tend to be an on-the-go chic, constantly feeling as though I never have enough hours in a day. One of my new years resolutions (goals) is to manage my time more efficiently. Part of this process will involve stripping away the busywork to make more time and space to “do the work.” One thing I am certain of though is that “doing the work” requires creating action steps to get to the big goals. Life goals are really just a series of baby steps.

Action Steps

So hopefully by now, you’ve created your 2012 vision and set goals using the SMART goal framework. However, at this point you might be feeling overwhelmed just looking at them. Reviewing your goals, for each goal consider…what can I do right now..? It’s helpful if the ‘right-now’ is time-bound, say for the month of January. Similar to the SMART goal framework, this provides you with a measurable deadline for completing your action steps. To further clarify this process, one of my goals for 2012 is to establish an online presence – a goal that definitely takes me out of my comfort zone! Some great action steps for January are:

  • Adding 10 new people to twitter a week
  • Blogging 3x/week minimum
  • Adding my blog site to my email signature on all three accounts
  • Writing an updated bio for my about me page
  • Adding twitter ‘join the conversation’ to my blog’

You don’t have to have this many action steps – generally 2-3 will do. This is just a big focus of mine for January. Because putting myself out there in cyberspace makes me very uncomfortable, if I didn’t determine these very specific action steps it would be easy to neglect this goal.


Accountability is all about sharing your intentions for your family, friends, pet, significant other, on your blog etc. Putting your goals out into the world allows others to inquire about and support you on your journey. This is a very important and courageous step because we are making ourselves vulnerable to others. If you find it difficult to share you with others, perhaps share your vision board instead. Part of the reason I made my vision board a mini-journal this year is due its portable nature. Keeping your vision someplace where you can review it daily (or at least weekly!) also helps with accountability by serving as a constant visual reminder. In addition, reviewing your goals periodically keeps you accountable and allows you to monitor your progress.

My 2012 Dreams 

  • Develop a lifestyle wellness program that works for me
  • Establish an online presence
  • Create a professional network
  • Be authentic
  • Have date nights
  • Learn to better manage my time
  • Become a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Maintain a clean home
  • Weekly artist dates
  • Net $______ after taxes (sorry this number is private)
  • Create a business plan
  • Build my career
  • Save for a house

How about you..? What are some of your dreams for 2012..? Share them in the comments section to keep yourself accountable.


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