struggling with stillness

We had snow last night. Not a lot. Maybe an inch or so, but in DC that inch was enough to bring things to a halt this morning. A board meeting I was supposed to attend was cancelled. A friend who was going to come over after the board meeting declined since it was no longer necessary for her to come into the city. I believe these events may have been a subtle message from the universe to slow down and be still. To continue to enjoy the hibernation of winter.

Not even one month into the new year and I have already experienced a lot of movement. So far I’ve done heaps of work toward my permanent residence paperwork, attended a free sewing lounge where I created an adorable bag, have a promising job lead, gave my first stress management lecture for the semester, qualified for an inspiring coaching session with the yogiprenuer, and have spent a lot of quality time with good friends. With the exception of the past few, the days have been long, busy, and exciting. Although I know it’s important to have a little quiet time between spurts of busyness, I have been finding it difficult to allow myself to slow down and enjoy the stillness. I think when we experience a lot of movement in our lives, it can be addictive. It’s easy to keep plunging forward even if our actions and schedules are not really serving our long term goals. This tactic is one that I am certainly guilty of. So today, I am listening to my body instead of my mind and spending the morning (and I suppose early afternoon now) relaxing in my pj’s.


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