commitment to practice

Last night I lectured on the science of stress, how it affects the body, and relaxation practices. I have been pondering the idea of committing to a regular blogging practice. Not technically a relaxation practice, but a practice none-the-less. What would this mean for me..? Right now, my blogging practice seems…well a little sporadic. I have always been a little afraid of risk. To go all in. Many of the other commitments I have made in my adult life also seem sporadic. By that I mean they are in constant motion. Changing. When I started practicing yoga, for the first few weeks I would go to the same space on the same night. Then, I decided I wanted to branch out and began trying different teachers. Now I schedule it when I have the time. It changes every week. When I went to grad school, I committed by moving to the US for a couple of years and by attending classes. Who knew I’d end up here indefinitely..? My commitment to my husband is forever, yet the ebb and flow of our relationship changes from day-to-day. Right now, I want to deepen my commitment to blogging but struggle with wanting to be consistent and while honoring my go with the flow attitude toward commitment. I am ready to branch out and expand. Ready to start defining in this space. Stay tuned….


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