Simplifying the Holidays: Thanksgiving

Had a quiet and slow-paced Thanksgiving this year – another one for the gratitude list. It’s easy to get caught up in our own self-imposed expectations of the holiday, that we lose sight of what the holidays are about. This is particularly true of Thanksgiving. Each year this holiday becomes more overshadowed by Christmas with decorations and ads out before Halloween. And, call me crazy…but does it seem a little ridiculous that people are preparing to leave their homes and their families for midnight madness and black friday crowds..?  It seems like Thanksgiving never really gets its moment.

This year, we didn’t cook a big meal (we ordered from the local grocery store), didn’t have a lot of people (there were just 3 of us), and we allowed the day to just unfold without plans or expectations, but it still had a special quality to it. The highlight of the afternoon was a country walk with good company.

However you have chosen to spend this day of gratitude, I hope it was full good food, good company, simplicity, and lots of relaxation. Happy Thanksgiving!


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