Honoring Grandma

Due to my application to become a permanent resident of the United States, I was unable to travel to Canada for my Grandmother’s funeral this weekend. It was heartbreaking not be with my family. With the support of a really good friend, I was able to create my own service around the same time that my grandmother’s funeral was taking place.

A balloon for Grandma and one for Grandpa. Since Grandma died a day before her 80th birthday, one of the balloons read happy birthday. Because Grandma and Grandpa are together again, I tied the two balloons together and attached a bell.

My message to Grandma.

A speech I wrote about Grandma. I read it aloud before releasing the balloons. My sister read it at her funeral for me.

On the way to our ‘service’ we found a four leaf clover. Perhaps a sign to trust in the process..?

Releasing the balloons (they were still connected by the bell)

Grandma and Grandpa holding hands, flying away together.

The lessons Grandma and Grandpa have left behind.

We concluded our service by reciting the Lord’s prayer and played this version of Amazing Grace. It promptly starting raining, which seemed appropriate so the two of us sat underneath a large umbrella and appreciated the moment.


small and simple gestures


Started training for my new job this past week. Friday afternoon, my new supervisor asked me to stop my the office before leaving and on my desk sat this beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note that read, “Welcome Suzanne.” I was so incredibly touched by this gesture because it made me feel like a valuable member of the team. Life is really made up of a series of small events. With that being said, small and simple gestures can go a long way toward making someone’s day. Consider smiling at a stranger, sharing your seat on the metro, giving a bouquet of flowers, penning a note to a friend, or making a homemade gift – the possibilities are endless.

How do you transform the everyday with small and simple gestures..?

over the moon!


Posing in my new office with my computer in the background

Have been over the moon (and a little overwhelmed!) these past few days as I prepare to begin training for my new job on Thursday. Last Friday morning, I walked into the HR department at Sheppard Pratt for what I thought was supposed to be an HR interview. The woman interviewing me said, “well…this is a little strange, but we’ve been instructed by the director of the eating disorders program to make you an offer of employment.” I had met with him and my direct supervisor back in January prior to the position being posted. The job specifically requires me to combine my two passions – yoga and art therapy using a mindfulness-based perspective. Meant to be..? I think so…

DIY last minute valentine

Happiest of Valentine’s Days to all! Need a quick way to say I love to you to that special someone..? Or, spending valentine’s day solo..? Why not send yourself a little love..? This adorable printable project gives you 10 to spread the love. Also in need of an envelope..? Get it here. May your valentine’s day be filled with love, kisses (the chocolate kind), and a sprinkle of self-care.

sewing dreams

It’s February and I’m still continuing to build my 2012 vision. Decided to take the plunge and began working on a sewing project this weekend. Even though it’s been years since I sewed regularly (and even then, I wasn’t that regular) I am amazed at how quickly my skills came back. Was so sad to see the weekend go, as I have to put my project away and settle into my weekly routine.

How is your 2012 unfolding..?

edge of glory: personal mantras in yoga and life

“I’m on the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment of truth”

                                                         Lady Gaga

In my yoga classes this week, I have been playing with the concept of mantras during centering and savasana. The modern concept of a mantra (or affirmation) is a positive statement said in the present tense. Generally, it is a quality you wish to integrate into your life. A popular one in yoga classes might be “I am at peace”. The power of the mantra is believed to help quiet the mind. 

To create a mantra, I have students select a word, phrase, or prayer if they’re more spiritually inclined. Ideally this not more than a few words, so it is easy to repeat silently to themselves. This statement should be uplifting and inspiring. During savasana I encourage students to take their mantra off the mat and out into the world with them. Mantras are fluid and should change or be replaced with something new when they no longer serve you.

Recently, I have been feeling connected to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and have adopted the phrase “I’m at the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment of truth” as my own personal mantra. I truly believe 2012 is going to be a changing year for me in terms of career and feel as though I am on the edge of all of that right now. This mantra inspires me to keep moving forward.

What’s your personal mantra..? How does it inspire you..?


managing time zappers

Managing my time more efficiently was one of my new year’s resolutions (yes, I will be coming back to these a lot!) During this first month, I have become more aware of my daily patterns such as scattering multiple appointments throughout the week when they could be condensed to a single day. Part of the reason for this is I tend to put others schedules ahead of my own. To get clearer on exactly where else my time is going, this week I am going to track it using this worksheet from 168 Hours.

On a side note, I finally worked up the courage to trim my own bangs, saving me an hour (when you factor in commuting) + $15. This youtube clip was helpful.